The Have I Been Known Manifesto - HIBK?

HIBK is focused on the fungibility of bitcoin, the threat posed by Big Brothers of Blockchain, and the growing need for ‘surveillance-free’ sound money.

Throughout bitcoin’s history, a number of leading narratives have occupied the public discourse, but none quite like “censorship-resistant e-gold” and its likeness to sound money. Despite this storyline’s dominance, an essential feature of such a supposed hard currency, fungibility, has yet to be realised.

Surveillance doesn’t equal Sound Money

While Satoshi Nakamoto allowed for a level of privacy akin to traditional banking, by keeping public keys anonymous, regulatory forces make it near impossible to keep identities separated from transactions. Much like the prohibition era, we’re seeing Bootleggers and Baptists all over again.

Furthermore, the emergence of surveillance corporations, who will stop at nothing short of a digital panopticon, threaten the beloved ‘store of value’ thesis. If addresses are blacklisted, is ‘censorship-resistance’ itself even resistant to censorship? If certain coins are tarnished, are those that are clean then subsequently worth more? Is claiming that 1 BTC = 1 BTC even reliable?

Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds. – John Perry Barlow

We are dedicated to finding answers to all the questions that spook sound money supporters. Taking aim at those proponents of surveillance who stand to profit at the expense of the individual. Their exploitative practices don’t only jeopardise one Bitcoin being interchangeable for another, they threaten our right to privacy.

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The Big Brothers of Blockchain are watching you.

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